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Wise & Associates is a pioneering law firm that is leading the way in transforming the legal industry. Founded by Chris Wise in 2020, the firm was born out of a recognition of the need for change within the legal sector, particularly in the area of family law. Chris saw firsthand the challenges individuals face during family law disputes and realized that traditional law firm practices were no longer equipped to handle the evolving needs of their clients.

Starting from humble beginnings in a literal broom closet in a corporate building outside of downtown Louisville, Wise & Associates has grown into a leading divorce, child custody, and domestic violence law firm.

The firm's mission is simple yet powerful - to lead the next legal renaissance by inspiring innovative family law solutions across the world.

To achieve this mission, Chris instilled three fundamental core beliefs that continue to guide Wise & Associates today:

Humble, Hungry, and Smart: The firm recognizes that it doesn't have all the answers, but it is hungry enough to constantly seek out new knowledge and smart enough to apply that knowledge in innovative ways that drive results for clients.

Transparent: Wise & Associates believes in open and honest communication with clients. The firm doesn't provide "yes man" answers but addresses main concerns with clients to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction towards the company mission.

Collaborative: The firm understands that the best solutions come from working together. It is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration within the organization, with clients, and partners.

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