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Founded 2020

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Chris Wise Founder
Chris Wise
President /Owner

Chris Wise is a dynamic and innovative attorney who is changing the face of family law. As the President and Owner of Wise & Associates, a divorce, custody, and domestic violence law firm, Chris is on a mission to revolutionize the legal industry and provide his clients with the best possible legal representation.

Craig Farrish Attorney
Craig Farrish
Managing Attorney | Cincinnati

Craig Farrish is a highly experienced attorney with over 25 years of trial experience. His legal career has been marked by a dedication to representing clients in a variety of legal matters, with a particular focus on Domestic Relations cases. His reputation for providing compassionate and effective representation is well-known, and he is unwavering in his commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Preston Grimes Attorney
Preston Grimes
Managing Attorney | Indianapolis

Preston is a highly skilled attorney with a unique background in both family law and criminal prosecution. His journey and accomplishments in the legal field are truly inspiring and have equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to every case he handles.

Jorden Crowe Attorney
Jorden Crowe
Managing Attorney | Louisville

Jorden Crowe is an accomplished attorney with a deep-seated commitment to serving the families of Kentucky. Born and raised in the state, Jorden's passion for her work is rooted in her love for her community and her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of its residents.

Paige Kelliher Attorney
Paige Kelliher
Managing Attorney | Nashville

As a legal professional, Paige has a deep passion for family law. She understands the emotional toll that family disputes can take on individuals and is committed to providing compassionate and effective legal representation. Her approach is client-focused, and she works tirelessly to help her clients navigate through what can often be one of the most challenging times in their lives. Her dedication to family law is not just a professional preference, but a calling that she has wholeheartedly embraced.

McKenzie Martin Attorney
Mckenzie Martin
Managing Attorney | Lexington

McKenzie spent time with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy, where she honed her skills in client advocacy. She learned the importance of building rapport with clients through compassion and zealous advocacy - skills that she brings to her work in family law. In 2023, McKenzie joined Wise & Associates. This experience provided her with a deep understanding of domestic relations law in Kentucky and further fueled her passion for family law. She learned the ins and outs of the field, gaining practical experience that she now applies to her work with clients.

Matthew Reddell Attorney
Matthew Reddell
Attorney | Louisville

Matthew Reddell has a passion for providing exceptional legal services and is committed to serving his clients with the utmost professionalism and integrity which sets him apart in the field of family law.

Madison Wurth Law Clerk
Madison Wurth
Law Clerk | Louisville

Madison brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the family law field. Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Juris Doctor from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, she has dedicated her legal career to advocating for families and individuals in need.

Sierra Morrow Office Manager
Sierra Morrow
Office Manager | Louisville

Sierra Morrow is the dedicated and efficient Office Manager at Wise & Associates. In her role, she serves as the crucial point of contact between each office, coordinating the day-to-day operations and ensuring the smooth running of the firm.

David Palmore
Director of Marketing | Louisville

David Palmore is a highly skilled marketing specialist supporting the teams communication efforts. He brings with him over ten years of experience in the practice of Digital & Legacy Marketing, Creative Storytelling, Brand Management and strategic insight as well as thought leadership.

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